I'm a DevOps and SecOps professional based in Canada.

I have been working as an IT professional for over 15 years. I worked as a Freelancer, Consultant, Network Administrator, DevOps, SecOps engineer/Lead. I have worked with startups, MNC (small, medium and large size enterprises), freelancers, individuals and non profit organizations. I also love doing DIY projects that requires different skill set like handyman, maintenance and repairs, landscaping etc.
This is Me visiting NewYork.
Hey!, that's me.

Things I am interested in!

I make sure my website will be helpful and informational regarding technical posts. In my professional opinion, it is imperative that all individuals have equal and unrestricted access to information, and that knowledge should be disseminated freely without any barriers. I am a humble learner and love to share knowledge.

Feel free to get in touch with me if you would like to collaborate.

Things I am Interested:

  1. Always open to learn irrespective of the industry.
  2. I love working for startup’s especially very fresh startup.
  3. Love to connect with If you have amazing idea to make a difference.
  4. Always open for feedback!

Take a glance at few projects I worked!

I relish tackling fresh endeavors that help me acquire novel expertise - whether they're related to my profession or not. Plus, it's a great excuse to take a break from cat videos on YouTube.

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In addition to my professional endeavors in DevOps, SecOps, and Web development, I am also keen on exploring various other intriguing subjects that pique my interest. Through my writing, I aim to share my knowledge and insights on diverse topics that I find compelling and thought-provoking.