About me

Currently based in Canada, I have been professionally engaged in the field of DevOps and Security since 2006. My expertise lies specifically in DevOps and SecOps.

My passion for tinkering with computers has been an ongoing fascination. In 2006, I ventured into building my very first computer and subsequently expanded my skillset to designing websites and blogs. As time went by, my adoration for this field only grew stronger.

Having explored the limits of website development, I delved into the domains of ethical hacking, network and system administration. To further expand my horizons, I acquired expertise in DevSecOps, opening up endless possibilities for me to explore.

In 2017, I stumbled upon a startup that piqued my interest, and I made the decision to join their team. Since then, I have thrived in the fast-paced startup culture, where I discovered my affinity for SecOps. As I continued to work on various DevOps projects, I realized the critical importance of integrating security measures into every aspect of the development process.

I enjoy working with multiple teams, while requiring minimal handholding.

I am particularly passionate about the ever-evolving landscape of DevSecOps. Additionally, over the years, I have maintained a steadfast commitment to continuously educating myself with unbridled passion.

Although I have acquired a wealth of knowledge and experience over the years, I do not consider myself an expert in my field, as I firmly believe in continuously learning and optimizing my work processes. With my agility and aptitude for swift learning, I have no trouble adapting to new technologies. Should you have any exciting projects that align with my interests, I would be thrilled to hear about them.